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Profit to Engagement Linkage

Profit to Engagement Linkage

JetBlue, a long-time leader in customer satisfaction, sought to understand how the engagement of its employees linked to company profitability. Using advanced productivity metrics and segmentation of both workforce and customer data, this analysis project uncovered how JetBlue compared to competition in terms of efficiency and productivity, and confirmed which of three different hypotheses was true to chart a course of action for staying on top and improving in customer satisfaction.


See how:

  • Increases in which employee “Net Promoters” group drove increases in customer “Net Promoters”

  • Workforce factors and risks linked to business drivers such as employee engagement, retention, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, revenue, and profit

  • Manager tenure and quality affected customer Net Promoter Scores though employee engagement

  • All of these factors affected revenue and profitability


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