Talent Intelligence for a Stronger Workforce 

Talent Intelligence for a

Competitive Workforce 

Get detailed insights into talent supply, demand, salary and competitor recruiting activities at the local market level with Competitive Talent Intelligence from SOLVE™️

Competitor Recruiting Activities

Local Salary Benchmark Data

Local Talent Supply and Demand


Talent Intelligence for a High Performance Workforce 

Custom intelligence by company, location, job group and job family of your choice. SOLVE™️'s Competitive Talent Intelligence provides the much needed insights to help your team build a stronger workforce by making informed decisions.

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Get Custom Talent Intelligence

Looking to expand? We can help you find the locations with the best talent supply and salary levels. 

Your Talent Questions Answered

1. Who & where are your competitors hiring? 

Learn where and what job roles your selected competitors are hiring. 

3. Where is the best location to expand or relocate? 

Find the best cities in the country to hire for any given job 

2. Gain insights on your talent markets

Analyze local talent supply and salaries by job title, job group and city.

4. Will your current markets meet your talent demands? 

Gain local market insights on your talent supply, demand and salaries by job title, job group and city.