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Human Capital Disclosure

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On August 26, 2020, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced new Human Capital Disclosure requirements for public companies operating in the U.S. The SEC however did not specify which metrics companies must disclose. Instead, each company must decide what  human capital measures provide faithfully derived material information for investors and all stakeholders. Prior to this, companies were only required to disclose the number of full-time employees (FTE).


Companies are expected to become compliant with these new rules effective 30 days after the August 26 publication date in the Federal Register.

SEC's New Human Capital Disclosure Requirements: What You Need to Know and Do Now


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5-Steps to Meet SEC's New Human Capital Disclosure Requirements

We recommend public companies prepare for compliance with HCMI's 5-step rapid readiness assessment for human capital disclosure compliance:

Step 1: Assess current human capital disclosure and reporting 
Step 2: Identify potential disclosure gaps
Step 3: Choose to adopt ISO 30414 or develop a separate human capital disclosure report
Step 4: Evaluate system capabilities and ISO 30414 certification audit
Step 5: Develop storylines to support disclosure results

HCMI doesn’t just prepare human capital reports, we help companies understand the link between the results and the business strategy. HCMI’s Rapid Assessment can help your company identify the gaps in your current human capital reporting and disclosure, locate all the required data, generate a fully complaint report and develop the storyline to support your results.

Leave the calculations, report preparation and data analysis to us and our world-class workforce intelligence solution.


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HCMI's ISO 30414 Certification Services

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Discover Our Human Capital Disclosure Services:

1.  Human Capital Reporting and Disclosure Management Briefing

  • 1-hour, 2-hour or 4-hour briefing to help executives understand the human capital disclosure requirements and learn how to gain value from the output to make better talent management decisions

2.  Human Capital Disclosure Assessment Services

  • Identify gaps in current reporting

  • Locate required data and system access to calculate required metrics

  • Analyze data and develop a storyline to support disclosure results

3.  ISO 30414 Certification Services

  • Full-service ISO 30414 certification

  • Production of ISO 30414 compliant report

  • Develop storylines to support your results

Support Team: 100% U.S. based with dedicated consultants

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Want to know more about our ISO 30414 certification services and the rapid assessment process? Click on the button below to submit a contact form and we will get back to you shortly.

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