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ISO 30414 Reporting

While Human Capital can be a differentiated value driver, most organizations face challenges in measuring and reporting its impact on the business. HCMI's Human Capital Reporting & Disclosure services set the global standards in leading and educating organizations on what to measure, what it means to the business, and how to report and disclose to meet voluntary and regulatory compliance standards. 

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ISO 30414, human resource management – Guidelines for internal and external human capital reporting, is the first international standard that allows an organization to get a clear view of the actual contribution of its human capital. It is applicable to enterprises of all types and sizes, and provides guidelines on core HR areas such as organizational culture, recruitment and turnover, productivity, health and safety, and leadership. 

Traditional financial reporting by organizations typically treats human capital as an expense and contains minimal information on talent management effectiveness and productivity in relation to revenue and profit. This leaves management and stakeholders with little information to evaluate whether the current workforce strategies align with the overall business objectives.

Organizations who adopt ISO 30414 and receive certification have made the commitment to more transparent reporting to management and stakeholders on the business impact of human capital. ISO 30414 outputs also help public companies comply with the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission’s new human capital disclosure requirements.

Our ISO 30414 Certification Services

HCMI’s ISO 30414 Certification Services can help your company identify the gaps in your current disclosure, locate the required data, calculate the metrics, connect the outputs to business results, and work with you to achieve certification.  Our team of specialized experts hold various leadership positions within the ISO 30414 and human capital reporting and disclosure community.

Our 5-step ISO 30414 certification process: 

​Step 1: Identify gaps with current human capital disclosure and reporting 

Step 2: Evaluate data access and system capabilities 

Step 3: Recommend system or process to calculate ISO 30414 metrics

Step 4: Certify accuracy of calculated ISO 30414 metrics 

Step 5: Develop storylines to support disclosure results

HCMI's ISO 30414 Certification Services

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