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Job Classification Framework

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A Job Classification Framework or Job Architecture or Job Matching Framework is a series of progressively higher related jobs distinguished by levels of knowledge, skills, abilities (competencies) and other factors. Using a job classification framework makes it possible to identify critical roles, skills and promotional opportunities quickly and easily. It also supports deep job analysis for insights across the organization.

A job classification framework is critical in building the foundation for workforce analytics and planning as it enables advanced segmentation and identification of trends and opportunities for particular workforce groups and isolation of cohorts for detailed analysis. 

While the value increases exponentially as organizations progress to more advanced analytics and planning, the immediate value is in the ability to slice across business units or divisions and identify all employees in a particular job role or function.  

SOLVE's Job Classification Framework


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Benefits of Job Classification Framework

  •  Giving management the ability to measure and manage jobs, skills, experience

  •  Improving recruiting through better matching of competencies and skills

  •  Enabling more targeted interventions on training, career development and internal mobility

  •  Delivering critical role job classification analysis and management

  •  Setting standards while keeping flexibility in staffing and assigning job duties

  •  Creating reports and segmentation drill down into job category, job family, job role

  •  Quickly and easily grouping jobs for reporting, trending, and in-depth analysis

Example Application of Job Classification Framework

In the example below, the job classification framework makes it easy to identify the total HR population and how many analysts exist across all business units of the organization. With this information you can answer questions like “how many analysts do we have across the organization?” or “how many HR people do we have in the company?”. See below:

Example application of Job Classification Framework

HCMI Job Classification Framework

HCMI Job Classification Framework includes over 86,000 unique job titles and built-in identification and matching capabilities. This allows for rapid job selection and matching by decision level and primary job function and provides quick access to critical roles for organization-wide job mapping.

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