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Getting Started with Workforce Analytics for HRBP & OD Professionals

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Workforce Analytics is a growing trend in HR and has been for the last decade. This webinar will cover how HR business partners and OD professionals can integrate Workforce Analytics into their roles with suggested resources and case studies. The purpose of the webinar is to empower HR and Organizational Development efforts with workforce analytics and use it to gain competitive advantage. The target audiences are those who are new to workforce analytics and those who are looking for different ways to gain momentum for Workforce Analytics within their organizations.



Moun Peterson - PhD Director of Workforce Planning & Research

Moun Peterson has over a decade of experience working in Human Resources

specializing in workforce analytics and planning and organizational development.

In her current role at HCMI, Moun leads client engagements and product development. She has helped many clients start workforce analytics and planning initiatives and transition to a data driven decision model. Moun earned her doctorate in Industrial Organizational Psychology while working in HR for Nokia and Pfizer in areas of Training and Employee Engagement after earning her BA at UC Berkeley in Cognitive Science.


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