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HCMI CEO, Jeff Higgins, Presents at Paychex Thrive Business Conference

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

HCMI’s CEO, Jeff Higgins, presented at the 2021 Paychex Thrive Business Conference on June 8 on the topic of “Bringing HR and Finance Together with Analytics.” Traditionally, HR and finance are two distinct departments that don’t always collaborate well with each other. Finance helps maintain a balance between cost and revenues, thus naturally views human capital as a cost element. HR regards human capital as an asset and focuses on hiring, motivating, and retaining the workforce to achieve the same goal.

Due to their differing perspectives, the collaboration between HR and finance often doesn’t go very far.

In his presentation, Jeff made the business case for how collaboration between HR and finance can help companies drive business results today and build a better workforce for tomorrow. Jeff also discussed the key reasons behind HR needs to build a better business case with data and speak the language of business.

Video Recording

HCMI CEO, Jeff Higgins, presenting “Bringing HR and Finance Together with Analytics”

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About Paychex Thrive Business Conference

Paychex Thrive Business Conference is an online conference that brings together experts, insights, resources, and solutions companies need to build a better workplace, team, and business that will thrive in 2021 and beyond. Participants will hear directly from product managers, industry experts, and influencers. Discussions include industry trends and actionable solutions. Lastly, participants get the benefit of meeting with like-minded people who are trying to solve human resources and payroll challenges all via an online event platform.

Further information about Paychex Thrive Business Conference is available on their website at

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