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How to Build a Business Case for Workforce Analytics

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

This video is taken from HCMI’s online training “Workforce Analytics for HR”. For more information, visit

90% of Workforce Analytics initiatives fail not because of the lack of “golden nuggets”, but because they are unable to demonstrate the value of their analyses in form or ROI, productivity gains, or cost savings of their prescriptions. This is where a good business case can help secure budget and win support from management.

But do you know what needs to go into a business case to give your team the best chance? Watch our CEO Jeff Higgins go over all the must-have elements of a winning Workforce Analytics business case in this learning clip.

Video highlights:

  • What questions to ask in a business case

  • What components go into a winning business case

  • Sample case studies from real life business cases


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