Human Capital Reporting Gaining Traction

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

In an effort to standardize Human Capital Reporting, HCMI launched the Human Capital Disclosure Statement (HCDS), a free tool companies can use to quantify their workforce and report human capital metrics.  In the March 2016 issue of CFO Magazine, the HCDS was featured with points on the importance of human capital disclosure:  HCMI CEO Discusses The Value of Human Capital Disclosure

In the May 20, 2016 issue of CFO Magazine, there was a follow up article that featured two key investor groups making changes in their human capital disclosure requirements: Principles for Responsible Investement (PRI) and the Human Capital Management Coalition (HCMC) (not affliated with HCMI).  HCMI was mentioned in the article as one of the companies pushing for greater standards in human capital disclosure. Read the full article at the following link: Big Leap Forward for Human Capital Disclosure

Get Your Free Human Capital Disclosure Statement

For CFOs who are ready to leverage the right human capital metrics to produce a thoughtful story and powerful insights, HCMI offers a free Human Capital Disclosure Statement.

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