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Linking Leadership to Workforce Productivity

Effective leadership and talent management translate into long term success and a competitive advantage for many best in class organizations. As the war on talent intensifies, it is more important than ever for organizations to attract, retain and grow top talent. However, many companies lack insightful metrics and tools to link leadership to talent management, development and company performance.

Do you know how to quantify the effectiveness of your managers? In addition to business results, it is critical to evaluate managers on their effectiveness in scouting, developing and retaining talent across the organization. Calculating advanced metrics such as the Talent Management Index, included in Human Capital Financial Statements, enable organizations to truly hold leadership accountable for talent management practices.

Human Capital Financial Statements are a definitive set of reports that help organizations better manage their investments in human capital. This webinar demonstrates how to optimize your talent management practices and project the impact of workforce decisions on financial results using data and insights rather than gut instinct.


Presentation Slide Deck

View the Linking Leadership to Workforce Productivity webinar slides HERE.


Joseph Morrissey - VP of Sales, HCMI


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