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Optimizing Workforce Analytics with Workforce Segmentation

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Data segmentation, standards and analysis dictate the quality of any HR analytics findings. Looking too broadly could mean missing million-dollar insights. Looking too narrowly could result in the wrong conclusions. Like many other professions, workforce analytics and planning require the tools of the trade in order to produce impactful outcomes, or in this case to make the most of analytic insights.

In this webinar, Grant Cooperstein, VP of Analytics at HCMI, shares some of the best industry practices and shows participants how to:

  • Build data standards for advanced analysis

  • Segment HR data to optimize analytics insights

  • Use analysis cohorts to strengthen findings


Presentation Slide Deck

View the Optimizing Workforce Analytics with Workforce Segmentation webinar slides HERE.


Grant Cooperstein - VP of Analytics, HCMI

Grant has been with HCMI for a little over six years. His primary focus is workforce analytics and planning engagements for clients, product development and also training. Grant's background is in economics, compensation and recruiting analytics. He ultimately started his career on the practitioner’s side leading a workforce analytics group for a financial services company in the greater Los Angeles area and also worked for a company by the name of, “Inform” doing workforce analytics and planning in a consulting role.


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