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RedThread Highlights SOLVE™ Strengths and Differentiators in New People Analytics Market Study

Updated: 4 days ago

A new study from RedThread Research acknowledges SOLVE™ as a leading People Analytics platform in both accumulated and guiding analytics.

LOS ANGELES, May 2022 – SOLVE™, the workforce intelligence platform, is proud to be recognized by RedThread Research in its People Analytics Tech report as a global leader in workforce analytics and planning in both the accumulated and guiding analytics categories.

SOLVE™ is unique in its ability to quantify and predict the business impact of workforce investments by integrating and applying over 1,000 machine learning algorithms to big data from disparate HR, financial, and business operations systems.

The platform includes nine modules with benchmark data covering areas such as diversity, talent supply & demand, performance, mobility, engagement, leadership, recruiting, and retention. The solution also auto-creates an ISO30414-compliant Human Capital Disclosure Statement.

RedThread evaluated SOLVE™ highly in the Accumulated Analytics and Guiding Analytics categories.

Accumulated Analytics: Vendors in this quadrant rank high in their ability to provide users with a longitudinal view of data with insights that enable strategic talent decisions. Data tends to be aggregated and integrated from several sources including external data. The insights from these vendors can be used by teams frequently to track specific areas of interest.

Guiding Analytics: This quadrant includes solutions that integrate data from several different sources and are used very frequently to continuously. The combination of these elements means that users can frequently access deep and broad information that can guide strategic organizational decisions, operational decisions, and individuals’ decisions about themselves or their team and give insights that can change the trajectory quickly.


The research was based on approximately a year’s worth of studying the market by reviewing publicly available information, polling practitioners and vendors, reviewing more than 50 people analytics articles, surveying 37 vendors and then conducting briefings and demos with 30 of them, and interviewing more than 20 practitioners and vendor customers.

About SOLVE™

SOLVE™ is an advanced business analytics platform for human resource management that drives competitive advantage through higher workforce productivity, smarter workforce spending, and better talent management.

SOLVE™ applies over 1,000 machine learning algorithms and natural language processing to integrated sets of HR, financial, and operational data to quantify the value of the workforce, link people investments to business outcomes, and identify key drivers of productivity, costs, turnover, retention, engagement, leadership, and performance to improve talent management.


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