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Standards for the Reporting and Management of Human Capital

HCMI was excited to bring in guest speaker David Vance, Executive Director for the Center for Talent Reporting. David discussed the challenges caused by the lack of standards in the talent development field and introduced the TDRp framework. This framework helps talent professionals to plan, measure and manage to deliver business impact using a standard, yet flexible approach.


Presentation Slide Deck

View the Standards for the Reporting and Management of Human Capital webinar slides HERE.


David Vance - Exec.Director, Center for Talent Reporting

  • Former President, Caterpillar University

  • Former Chief Economist, head of BI, Caterpillar

  • Former Adjunct Professor, Bellevue Univ.

Jeff Higgins - CEO & Founder, HCMI

  • Former CFO/VP Finance

  • Former EVP at Infohrm

  • Center for Talent Reporting Board

  • Member SHRM Stds Committee


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