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Why Human Capital Management Metric Disclosure is an Advantage

Updated: Jan 29

This audiogram/clip is taken from's HR Data Labs Podcast (“Potential Changes to the SEC’s HCM Metric Disclosure Rules”).

HCMI's CEO Jeff Higgins, a former CFO, challenges the traditional reluctance of companies to disclose detailed human capital metrics. Jeff critically examines the outdated mindset that considers such information as a competitive secret, arguing that in the era of the Internet, transparency is inevitable – making Human Capital Management metric disclosure an advantage.


  • How platforms like Glassdoor and LinkedIn already provide glimpses into company dynamics

  • The opportunity companies have to own their narrative by openly discussing aspects like turnover rates and pay practices

  • Through candid disclosure, companies can positively shape their story, turning potential negatives, like high attrition, into strengths by showcasing their role as talent cultivators.

Get in touch with us here to know how SOLVE™️ can help your company prepare for the new and upcoming requirement by the SEC on disclosing additional human capital management metrics.

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