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Workforce Planning for an Economic Restart

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

As the local and global economies begin to open up in different shapes and at varying speeds businesses of all types will face new Workforce Planning challenges. How will your organization navigate a difficult environment over the next several weeks and months as restrictions are loosened? What workforce risks should be considered?

A combination of strategic and tactical Workforce Planning can address a multitude of talent risks related to the uncertainty of the economic restart. Watch this webinar to learn the most effective ways to use Workforce Planning to jumpstart your people operations during the post-COVID-19 recovery:

(1) Workforce Planning risks and difficulties in economic restart

(2) The role of scenario modeling in Workforce Planning

(3) Example: building a high-level workforce plan for an economic restart


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About the Presenter

Stephen Weltz Workforce Analytics Manager, HCMI

As a workforce analytics consultant at HCMI, Stephen specializes in synthesizing, analyzing and visualizing seemingly disparate data sets to uncover key workforce insights that link to business results. Stephen combines experience in workforce analytics applied statistical analysis, and organizational research to help companies make better data-driven decisions.

Prior to working at HCMI, Stephen was an organizational consultant for one of the largest hospitals in California, helping to research leadership and team level best practices to inform future workforce development. He has since worked with companies in the Financial, Biotechnology, Oil and Gas Professional Services, and Non-Profit sectors. Stephen holds an M.A. in Organizational Behavior and Evaluation from Claremont Graduate University.

To see more client successes, innovative thinking and practical advice about Workforce Analytics and Planning, visit HCMI's Learning section


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