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Analytics & HR Consulting Services

HCMI offers Analytics-as-a-Service (AaaS) and Project Consulting for Workforce Analytics, Workforce Planning, and Private Equity/M&A Due Diligence.

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Whether you are a business leader focused on the bottom line, a CHRO seeking workforce performance insights, or a private equity firm seeking advantages in due diligence and portfolio company operations, HCMI can help with flexible analytics support:

  • Analytics-as-a-Service: HCMI serves as your outsourced workforce intelligence team with dedicated analysts operating SOLVE™ and delivering insights. Learn more.

  • Project Consulting: HCMI supports your existing teams on deep dive workforce analytics and workforce planning projects that leverage the capabilities of SOLVE™. Learn more.

  • Private Equity/M&A Due Diligence: HCMI provides private equity funds with ongoing analytics support for target due diligence and operating company performance improvement. Learn more.

  • Human Capital Reporting and Disclosure: HCMI’s Human Capital Reporting and Disclosure services help organizations move rapidly from Assessment to Compliance. Learn more.

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HCMI’s Analytics-as-a-Service offers organizations a cost-effective alternative to building and maintaining an internal workforce analytics team.


With customized service level agreements, an assigned team of analysts and data scientists will help you assess your workforce across multiple dimensions to measure productivity and total costs, identify critical high value roles, and evaluate strengths and key risk factors across the talent management lifecycle to drive workforce planning and optimization.

Analytics as a Sevice

Project Consulting

Workforce Analytics

HCMI's Workforce Analytics consulting support includes assessments of the workforce across a series of critical dimensions to identify organizational strengths, weaknesses, key risk factors and opportunities to drive workforce optimization across the talent management life cycle. The multi-dimensional assessment identifies near term pain points and opportunities, and provides a road map to linking workforce investments to business outcomes.

HCMI Project Consulting WFA

Examples of targeted areas include:

  • HR to Business Strategy Linkage

  • Workforce Cost Reduction

  • Key Driver Linkage Analysis for Productivity, Turnover, Recruitment and Engagement

  • Manager Effectiveness

  • ROI of Learning and Development Programs

  • Workforce Metrics & Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Identification & Selection

Workforce Planning

HCMI offers Workforce Planning consulting support to help organizations align workforce and business strategy, and execute on both short and long term workforce planning objectives.


HCMI quantifies the workforce value creation and cost savings opportunities, painting the pictures and outlining the stories with advanced predictive modelling and dynamic visualization of integrated workforce and financial data.

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Private Equity

Private Equity/M&A Due Diligence

Private Equity portfolios and targets and are becoming heavily weighted with companies whose economic value is driven primarily by intangible workforce assets (e.g. intellectual property, innovation, leadership).

Yet, most firms don’t measure the impact of the workforce on business results beyond compliance risks and labor costs, which can result in substantial gaps in valuation in the diligence phase and missed opportunities in the growth and operations improvement phases.

HCMI designed its Private Equity Services to provide the resources to support decisions through each stage of the fund life cycle:


HCMI Resources


Company valuation and deal go/no go support to quantify and benchmark material human capital risks and contributions to enterprise value.

Ongoing Operations

Identify and monitor human capital operating improvement opportunities to drive gains in enterprise value.


Company valuation support to quantify and maximize human capital contributions to enterprise value.

Make better go/no go and valuation decisions, improve ongoing operating gains, and drive higher valuations at exit.

Human Capital Reporting

Human Capital Reporting and Disclosure

While Human Capital can be a differentiated value driver, most organizations face challenges in measuring and reporting its impact on the business. HCMI's Human Capital Reporting & Disclosure services set the global standards in leading and educating organizations on what to measure, what it means to the business, and how to report and disclose to meet voluntary and regulatory compliance standards. 

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How We Can Help

HCMI’s Human Capital Reporting and Disclosure services help organizations move rapidly from Assessment to Compliance.

Deliverables include:

  • Rapid Readiness Assessment: A comprehensive gap assessment of current human capital reporting capabilities vs. SEC requirements and ISO 30414 standards

  • ISO 30414 Adoption: Deliver ISO 30414 human capital reporting standards on a project basis or via subscription with SOLVE™️ Workforce Intelligence Software

  • ISO 30414 Certification: Certify your internally- generated ISO 30414 reporting standards

  • Link Disclosures to Business Strategy: Analyze data to develop the storylines that link disclosures to business intent

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