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Top 20 Requirements for A Workforce Analytics, Planning & Market Intelligence Solution

Read the top 20 requirements for Workforce Analytics, Planning & Marketing.

2020 Workforce Productivity in the North American Banking Sector

This summary report is a high-level workforce productivity and return on workforce benchmark analysis that includes historical performance trending and comparing workforce productivity of 41 of the top 50 North American Banks.

8 Steps to Workforce Realignment Planning in Uncertain Times

This eBook outlines the 8 critical steps you can take to build your own workforce realignment plan.

The Financial Impacts of Wellbeing on Workforce Productivity

This document outlines HCMI's research linking companies who invest in Virgin Pulse wellbeing programs to significant financial returns in the form of workforce productivity gains, lower attrition rates, and fewer days lost to illness.

Understanding the Business Impact of Paid Leave

This report serves as one of the few sources of data on the business outcomes of paid leave, demonstrating that offering paid leave to employees can be part of a running a profitable company and potentially boost workforce productivity.

E-Book: Examining HR Analytics Through the Lens of Finance

This eBook provides HR and business leaders with a starting point for delivering actionable business insights into the talent investment side of their organizations.

The Top 25 Questions to Boost Your Workforce Analytics

To help companies make sense of all the available data, HCMI has put together a list of the top 25 most important human capital questions that all HR leaders should be asking.

Attrition Study

How a self-storage leader used SOLVE™️'s workforce analytics framework to discover drivers of their turnover and prescribe interventions to reduce voluntary turnover.

Human Capital Financial Statements

HCMI’s Human Capital Financial Statements (HCF$) provide a standard means with which to measure, report and disclose a company’s human capital.

Linking Human Capital to Business Performance White Paper - Summary

Key findings of our comprehensive research on the linkage between Human Capital metrics and company financial performance.

Linking Human Capital to Business Performance White Paper

This research whitepaper provides evidence to support the conclusion that human capital metrics can successfully predict public company stock price change.

Total Cost of Workforce (TCOW)

While human capital costs may vary, they remain the single biggest organizational expense. This white paper sheds light on the Total Cost of Workforce and how you can be ready to manage it.