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SOLVE™: Workforce Analytics Software
Tool for HR Manager 

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SOLVE™ Workforce Analytics

Use SOLVE™ Workforce Analytics to measure, predict and optimize the financial and business impact of your workforce investments.

With dynamic visualization, embedded analytics, and advanced query and slice-and-dice capabilities, SOLVE™ enables HR, business and analytics users to identify actionable insights for talent management interventions.

SOLVE Workforce Analytics Example

Workforce Productivity

Measure or benchmark return on workforce investment with 10,000+ companies.

Turnover and Retention

Identify the key drivers of why people choose to stay or leave


Profile and optimize best talent sources via quality of hire index.


Discover and measure the value create by high performers.

A laptop mockup describing HCMI's Analytics-as-a-Service


HCMI’s Analytics-as-a-Service offers organizations a cost-effective alternative to building and maintaining an internal workforce analytics team.


With customized service level agreements, an assigned team of analysts and data scientists will help you assess your workforce across multiple dimensions to measure productivity and total costs, identify critical high value roles, and evaluate strengths and key risk factors across the talent management lifecycle to drive workforce planning and optimization.

Start Making Data-Driven Decision Today

SOLVE™️ by HCMI is the perfect tool for you to make revenue-generating, data-driven decisions for your company to move forward.

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