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Human Capital Investment & Reporting Council!

Linking Investments in Human Capital to Business Performance, Risk and Sustainability

The impact of human capital on firm performance and its value to the organization is gaining enhanced investor attention. But few firms may be ready for the increased scrutiny and transparency demanded by investors, boards, and other key stakeholders.

The Human Capital Investment and Reporting Council (HC IRC) is a working group of senior executives from Human Resources, Finance, and the Investment Community who explore human capital investment, measurement, and reporting next practices. Through research, tools, and curated peer discussion, we explore critical questions and solutions to the complex issues of human capital investment, value creation, risk management, disclosure, and corporate sustainability.

“It’s not enough to simply measure the things that would have defined a company’s success in the 20th Century.... without a standardized methodology and verifiable metrics, companies will continue to struggle to effectively articulate how they are creating long-term value for investors and other key stakeholders.”

- Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism representing more than 30 companies and $30 trillion of assets under management.


In a business world of increasing volatility and risk, corporate investors, executives and stakeholders are calling for better, more transparent information on human capital investments.

Quite simply, human capital metrics and evidence-based insights matter more than ever. Organizations need to prepare NOW for enhanced strategic human capital reporting and decision-making using people data and evidence-based insights.

Are you ready for Investor Questions?

  • How should we strategically leverage our talent to provide sustainable competitive advantage?

  • Where should we cut or redeploy talent?

  • Is our workforce productivity leading or lagging our peers?

  • Where is our greatest talent risk?

  • When and where should we build vs. buy or rent talent?

  • Are we investing in talent to drive growth?

Preparing for the future is a high stakes game. A key issue facing global companies is

how to allocate and optimize talent investments to create sustainable value and

measurable performance that lasts.

Organizations need to prepare themselves for a future with human capital metrics and
people data decision-making in the spotlight.  The HC IRC is a peer working group whose
mission is to develop better answers to strategic workforce investment and value creation questions. We work to connect decisions about human capital investment to business outcomes and develop shared tools, methods and other solutions to improve business results.

HC IRC brings professionals together across disciplines in a creative dialogue to discuss and develop next practice solutions through peer relationships, problem-solving, tools, training, coaching and other expert resource support.



Membership is by invitation only to VP and above executives and corporate teams engaged in developing better reporting and optimizing talent investments.

Our Council includes:

  • Senior HR Executives (VP and above) from Fortune 1000 companies who anticipate a need for enhanced human capital investment decision-making and reporting. This includes Chief Human Resource Officers, People Analytics and Reporting Leaders, and others who want to build Board and C level reporting and advisory capability.

  • Internal Working Teams (from finance, HR, IR) with an interest in early adoption of ESG/Sustainability/ISO standards to enhance global market positioning. Teams include executives who need to build a more integrated approach to human capital reporting, investment, decision-making, and a data-based organizational culture.

  • Investment Executives with an interest in developing effective HC management standards and investment practices. Members include asset managers and owners with an interest in creating a conversation about enhanced reporting, accountability, and transparency in human capital management.


  1. Build Relationships

    We bring together senior executives across disciplines from the investment, finance, and human resource communities to create insights and solutions to human capital investment, risk, and reporting issues.


  2. Leverage Resources

    We work with practitioners and other thought leaders to promote practice sharing and solution development based on members’ needs. We also offer tools, methodologies, training, technology and an online sharing platform to address member issues.


  3. Explore Research and Benchmarks

    We conduct next practice research for global practitioners through case studies, surveys, interviews, metrics benchmarking and other research to enhance HC investment and reporting practices through data.


  4. Enhance Readiness

    We prepare senior executives and their teams for the tough questions demanded by Investors, Boards and C suite stakeholders and enhance career prospects for those anticipating this demand. We also create a forum for educating non-HR leaders on human capital issues.


Need support to enhance your HC reporting metrics and talent management services? The new ISO Human Capital Reporting Standard offers useful guidance to organizations in these nine areas:

  • Compliance and ethics

  • Workforce costs

  • Workforce diversity

  • Leadership

  • Organizational health, safety and well-being

  • Productivity

  • Recruitment, turnover and mobility

  • Skills and capabilities

  • Workforce availability

Newly proposed regulations from the SEC will greatly impact human capital reporting and disclosure requirements in the U.S.  Both large and small organizations will benefit from discussions, study and application of these internal and external guidelines and regulations.




Jeff Higgins co-chairs HC IRC. Jeff is the CEO and Founder of the Human Capital Management Institute and a pioneer in human capital measurement, predictive analytics for talent, and analytics and workforce planning technology.


Amy Armitage co-chairs HC IRC. Amy is the CEO and founder of Nexus Peer Groups and has developed over a dozen executive peer groups for senior HR executives. She is an expert curator and facilitator of executive learning and serves as a researcher and talent coach.



HC IRC is a membership organization. supported by sponsors, institutional investors, enterprise memberships, and senior practitioner members. For more information on benefits of membership, upcoming meetings, agendas, pricing and participation on our expanding Advisory Board, contact Amy below:


Amy Armitage

+1 203-470-2211


HC IRC meets twice a year in person at host organizations and 8 times virtually in interactive working sessions. In person meetings typically run 1 to 1.5 days where research agendas and topics are developed with HC IRC member input.

Institutional and Enterprise (corporate) members may send up to four people to in-person meetings (preferably from different functions). To ensure alignment, HC IRC members receive a custom half day education and training session on site to address unique reporting and strategic business needs.

Individual executive memberships are also available.