SOLVE Workforce Intelligence Software

SOLVE™ Applies Business Analytics to Human Resource Management to Drive Competitive Advantage through Smarter Workforce Spending and Better Talent Management

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SOLVE™ is an advanced business analytics platform for human resource management that drives competitive advantage through higher workforce productivity, smarter workforce spending and better talent management.

SOLVE™ applies over 1,000 machine learning algorithms and natural language processing to integrated sets of HR, financial and operational data to quantify the value of the workforce, link people investments to business outcomes, and identify key drivers of productivity, costs, turnover, retention, engagement, leadership, and performance to improve talent management.

SOLVE™ Workforce Analytics

Use SOLVE™ Workforce Analytics to measure, predict and optimize the financial and business impact of your workforce investments.

With dynamic visualization, embedded analytics, and advanced query and slice-and-dice capabilities, SOLVE™ enables HR, business and analytics users to identify actionable insights for talent management interventions in the following areas:

  • Workforce Productivity – Measure and track the return on workforce investments.

  • Turnover and Retention – Identify the key drivers of why people choose to stay or leave.

  • Recruiting – Learn the profile and sources of the best talent; develop a quality of hire index.

  • Performance – Discover and measure the business value generated by the highest performers.

  • Engagement – Identify the value, impact and drivers of engagement across the talent management life cycle.

  • Management – Explore the linkage between leadership and turnover, performance, engagement, productivity and more.

  • Learning - Quantify the impact of learning on business results and the value of talent.

  • Workforce Value and ISO Reporting - Use Human Capital Financial Statements (HCF$™) to quantify and predict the critical drivers of workforce value, and for ISO Human Capital Reporting Standards.

SOLVE™ Workforce Planning

Use SOLVE™ Workforce Planning to model and optimize workforce supply and demand based on workforce cost, headcount, staffing levels, skills and financial projections.  Create and save unlimited scenario models to find the optimal solutions to achieve financial targets and business objectives.

Key features Include:

  • Demand Forecasting of future company and job level headcount demand based on organizational drivers and measured against Total Cost of Workforce (TCOW), total revenue and expense, and level of services provided across the organization.

  • Supply Forecasting of talent incorporating account tenure, age, retirement projections, and historical employee movement through the organization with considerations of Total Cost of Workforce (TCOW) for the organization, job roles and functions.

  • Retirement Calculator to project overall and job-level projected retirements with visual distribution of workforce segments by age and/or retirement eligibility.

  • Workforce Gap Analysis to model and visualize overall supply and demand headcount gaps, map Profit per FTE against Total Cost of Workforce (TCOW), and analyze headcount, cost, tenure, age, skills and engagement gaps against goals.

  • Workforce Plan on a Page to provide a summary view of workforce optimization and key metrics for talent, labor cost, productivity, retention, hiring, engagement, and leadership impact.

SOLVE™ Competitive Talent Intelligence

Get detailed insights into talent supply, demand, salary and competitor recruiting activities at the local market level with Competitive Talent Intelligence from SOLVE™

Competitor recruiting activities

Local salary benchmark data

Local talent supply and demand