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Human Capital Metrics

Definitions, formulas, and best usage advice for over 620 workforce metrics including many best-in-class measurements into one convenient package. It's the offline version of SOLVE™️ Metrics. 

The Ultimate HR Metrics Guide

This is a must-have guide for all professionals interested in implementing evidence-based talent management or even just upgrading their HR reports. 

Human Capital Metrics Handbook

Why Human Capital Metrics Handbook


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Remove confusion and countless back-and-forth by giving everyone access to the same HR metrics handbook.

All-in-one Metrics Guide icon


Comprehensive list of metrics from all talent management function.

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Whether it’s recruiting or training, chances are the metrics you are looking for are already covered by this guide.

Inside Human Capital Metrics Handbook

Human Capital Metrics Handbook is just not a detailed compilation of HR measurement names and definitions. It comes with detailed descriptions,  formulas, common usage and best practice advice on metric interpretation and application from HCMI's team of experts.


Metrics are measured across all elements of the employee life cycle and are broken down by 11 most commonly and best/optimized use. Key example areas include:

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Cost, Revenue and Profit Optimization


Recruiting and Hiring



Leadership and Development




Productivity and Performance


Compensation and Benefits


Mobility and Career Development

Human Capital Metrics Handbook,
in Numbers...

Metrics Handbook in Numbers

Unlock Actionable HR Insights.

This guide is an indispensable tool for professionals aiming to refine strategies and enhance analytical capabilities, ensuring every decision is informed and impactful.

For $825, including US shipping, this handbook is your gateway to actionable insights.


For international shipping, please contact us here.

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