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HR Analytics: Using Storytelling to Support a Data-Driven Approach to Talent Management

If you are looking for buy-in to a data-driven approach to talent management, then you'll need to be able to tell a compelling story with your workforce data. And the more sophisticated the insights, the more important the story becomes to win business leaders' support.

Join our next webinar to learn about critical elements needed to tell a story that engages business leaders:

✔️ How to craft a workforce story that sticks

✔️ The importance of context and pain points 

✔️ How to select the best visualizations for your story 

✔️ Examples of incorporating storytelling elements into HR analytic findings


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About the Presenter

Steve Gao Data Scientist, HCMI

As a Data Scientist at HCMI, Steve specializes in advanced analytics, algorithmic computing, statistical modeling, and machine learning. Steve is capable of turning vast amounts of data into actionable insights and designing machine learning protocols in the realm of workforce analytics. Steve’s work ranges from predictive turnover algorithms to sentiment analysis using Natural Language Processing (NLP) Prior to HCMI, Steve worked at Deloitte Advisory’s Advanced Analytics Group in industries including finance, oil & gas, and gaming. During his tenure at Deloitte, Steve has contributed to various campaigns to deploy advanced analytics programs in Fortune 100 companies. Steve holds a M.S. in Business Analytics from UCLA.

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