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Human Capital Analytics Technology: What to Consider Before Buying

When choosing a Workforce Analytics technology, companies usually run through a comprehensive list of considerations to inform their selection, from features, usability, structure, and scope, to scalability of the audience, content and interfaces. The implementation of such a platform can take months, and usually comes with a hefty price tag above and beyond the cost of the technology itself.

Firms seek to manage these implementation projects with great diligence, ensuring the technology delivers as expected. However, there are many mutually dependent factors that can make or break its ROI and longterm success, and these factors often go underrepresented before and during the project.

In this webinar, Andrew shares insights on managing the non-technology considerations with technology implementations that can increase the chances of success and long-term value.


Presentation Slide Deck

View the Human Capital Analytics Technology: What to Consider Before Buying webinar slides HERE.


Andrew Jacobus - Consultant and CoELeader, Strategic WorkforcePlanning & Analytics


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