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Leadership Effectiveness & Productivity

Effective leadership is critical to managing the workforce and driving productivity. In order to understand the impact of their leaders, companies must first identify insightful talent management metrics and KPIs, and then link them to financially quantifiable measures of workforce productivity. This webinar will guide attendees through a few key metrics and methods of quantifying, forecasting, and optimizing leadership effectiveness. Including examples of dashboards and scorecards.

Listen to Dr. Moun Peterson and Stephen Weltz in this webinar to gain an overview of how to:

  • Measure leadership’s effectiveness at attracting, developing, and managing top talent

  • Financially quantify the productivity of your company’s workforce

  • Link talent management metrics to financial impacts

  • Next steps to identify key opportunities for value creation and cost savings

Presentation Slide Deck

View the Leadership Effectiveness and Productivity webinar slides HERE.


Moun Peterson, PhD Director of Workforce Planning & Research

Stephen Weltz, MA Associate Consultant

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