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Preparing for 2021: 3 Actionable Ideas to Drive Your Workforce and Financial Performance

While the economy continues to recover, many businesses struggle to regain pre-COVID levels of workforce and financial performance. We’d like to help! This webinar will review 3 actionable ideas you can adopt to optimize your workforce size, cost and productivity:

(1) Find the best talent at lower salaries with labor market intelligence.

(2) Grow existing talent internally with solid career paths and talent benches.

(3) Use workforce and financial modeling to select optimal workforce investments.

Webinar Video

Presentation Slide Deck

View the presentation slide deck HERE.

About the Presenter

Stephen Weltz- Workforce Analytics Manager, HCMI As a workforce analytics consultant at HCMI, Stephen specializes in synthesizing, analyzing and visualizing seemingly disparate data sets to uncover key workforce insights that link to business results. Stephen combines experience in workforce analytics applied statistical analysis, and organizational research to help companies make better data-driven decisions.


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