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The $1 Million Analytics ROI Challenge

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

“HCMI guarantees a minimum of $1 Million in workforce ROI cost savings or productivity gains, or our time is free.” ~ Jeff Higgins, HCMI CEO

The Challenge

HCMI has found over a million dollars in productivity and cost savings value for 100+ companies.  We are so confident we can do this for ANY company that we are challenging you to step up and take away any excuses for not doing great workforce analytics.  In return, HCMI takes away the risk by guaranteeing we will find at least $1 Million in workforce ROI opportunities, or you pay nothing.

What to Expect

HCMI will analyze your workforce and find opportunities to increase its productivity and/or reduce costs by at least $1 Million annually.  You will receive a detailed and action-oriented analysis on your company’s workforce productivity, its trends for up to the last four years with industry comparisons, and the talent-focused drivers of revenue and profit.  HCMI will show you how to achieve that $1M+ improvement in concrete steps every year.

How to Get Involved

Let us know you are ready to take the challenge!

Next Steps

What do I have to do?

All you have to do is sign a contract to provide data:

  1. We sign an NDA to ensure complete confidentiality, and a contract guaranteeing $1.0 million+ in ROI savings or productivity gains.

  2. HCMI loads your organization’s data into our proprietary tools and analytic models.

  3. We deliver a custom insight report showing what, where and how to get $1 million+ ROI.

  4. That was easy, can we do it again?

HCMI is a full service firm, offering consulting, training, technology, tools, and templates, so we can do all the work for you.  And, depending on your firm’s capacity, we can collaborate to find the ROI together or give your company the capability to self-sustain the $1M+ ROI every year.


My workforce data is highly confidential. How can I be sure it will be protected?

HCMI works with the latest in data security, encryption technology, processes and will work with your organization’s data security teams and standards to ensure your data is safe and confidential.  HCMI also engages with clients on every project with a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement in place to protect all intellectual property and any sensitive information involved.

What kind of workforce insights will produce such a high ROI?

Our work covers all stages of the talent life cycle, from recruiting to retention, and everywhere in between:  workforce planning,  performance, development, career paths and talent flow, succession planning, compensation and benefits, etc. It also covers business insights, from financial to sales to capital, production, and so on. Depending on your data, there’s no limit to the range of areas we can focus on.

See examples of the kinds of questions we can help your business answer.

Is my satisfaction guaranteed?

HCMI’s guarantee ensures that you will be satisfied, and we will continue to work on finding your ROI opportunities and take you to the next level until you tell us to stop.

What does it cost?

HCMI will charge the lesser of 15% of the ROI value we create or our standard consulting and service rates for the project duration. That’s a guaranteed minimum productivity and savings to investment ratio of 5.7 to 1, or an ROI of 567%!

Take the Challenge!

At HCMI, we are passionate about workforce analytics and planning, and welcome you to initiate a conversation with us. Please fill out our contact form, and we’ll follow up with you shortly.

Sample Contract Guarantee*

The following components outline HCMI’s proposed service components to support your company and deliver actionable findings on workforce productivity and cost savings impact of at least $1 Million, or there will be no charge for the service.

HCMI agrees as part of this engagement project, to quantify and show measurable and actionable opportunities representing workforce productivity and or cost savings impact of at least $1 Million. This savings or value creation may include one or more project opportunities within a qualifying organization or business unit. Payment for the services listed will be paid according to the following and per the terms of the Agreement. If the business case fails to identify at least $1 Million in workforce productivity and/or cost savings ROI opportunities, HCMI will not charge your organization for the project cost (excludes client required costs such as travel costs to and from client site).

For illustrative purposes only, actual contract language can vary based on client-specific engagement needs.

About HCMI

The Human Capital Management Institute was founded on the belief that organizations can and must find better ways of measuring their investments in human capital. HCMI strives to fundamentally change the way organizations make decisions about their workforce.  HCMI’s vision of the future is one in which human capital measurement and information is as integral to business decision making as financial information is today. Serving global clients, HCMI delivers advanced workforce intelligence training, consulting, and the world’s most advanced analytics and workforce planning modeling tools.

Proof of ROI

These are just a few examples of the Human Capital ROI that HCMI has uncovered for organizations of many different industries, sizes and sectors. See more detailed business cases.


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