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HCMI's Impactful Presence at HRWest 2024

Updated: May 10

HCMI participated in the prestigious HRWest 2024 HR Conference, held on March 5th and 6th in Oakland, California. Organized by, this event gathered HR leaders and professionals from across the nation to discuss and explore the latest trends and challenges in human resources management.

During the conference, HCMI was prominently represented by Jeff, who delivered a compelling presentation titled “Linking People Metrics to Business Results, The ROI of People Analytics.” This session delved into the paradox where organizations, despite claiming “Our people are our most valuable asset,” often treat personnel primarily as costs to be minimized. Jeff expertly navigated through this contradiction, advocating for a model where people data drives strategic business decisions.

The presentation covered essential learning objectives, including demonstrating how people are the source of value creation, identifying strategic opportunities for HR to add value, and measuring business impact from various HR activities like recruiting, retention, performance, engagement, and training. Jeff's insights provided actionable strategies for showcasing the tangible value of workforce talent, emphasizing its critical role in achieving superior business results.

HCMI's participation underscored our commitment to advancing the role of HR in driving business success, highlighting our innovative approaches to people analytics. Stay tuned for upcoming posts with more insights and takeaways from the event!

Jeff Higgins, HCMI's CEO, at booth #20, HRWest 2024


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