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What Are the Coming Changes for Human Capital Management Metric Disclosures?

This audiogram/clip is taken from's HR Data Labs Podcast (“Potential Changes to the SEC’s HCM Metric Disclosure Rules”).

Learn about the evolution of Human Capital Management (HCM) metric disclosures in this audiogram/clip. It begins with the 2017 petition by institutional investors to the SEC, highlighting the disconnect between CEOs' claims of valuing human capital and the lack of corresponding data in reports.

The discussion covers the SEC's 2020 rule acknowledging the materiality of human capital but leaving metric disclosure to companies' discretion, which led to minimal reporting. Finance and accounting sectors, traditionally late adopters, are now advocating for detailed rules on workforce and labor cost disclosures, recognizing these as critical yet underreported areas.

Schedule time to discuss with us here to know how SOLVE™️ can help your company prepare for the new and upcoming requirement by the SEC on disclosing additional human capital management metrics.

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